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Joke 87 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed, the Bomb

AA was once in El-Zeitouni area in the good old days when he met a woman that he took to his place. Once there, they both took off their clothes, and the woman waited in bed while AA, who had kept his Shintyan (underpants) on, started to show up his muscles into different positions in order to impress her.

AA: This position, I call El-Bomba, and this position I call El-Dynamit, this one TNT, and...
The woman who got impatient and bored in bed jumped at AA and tore off his Shintyan to discover that AA's organ was so small that it was comparable to a button.
Woman: Yih ya AA chou hayda? (What is this?)
AA: Hayda el-ftil! (This is the fuse!)

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