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Joke 82 Abu El Abed

Abu Abed Goofing Off in Paris

Abu Abed and Abu Steif were invited to an international conference about rebuilding Lebanon in Paris. While in Paris, they both decide to goof off and have some fun. They go to the Champs-Elysee and approach two young girls.

They asked them if they would like to make love to them. The girls agreed but only if Abu Abed and Abu Steif wear condoms. Abu Abed and Abu Steif replied:

AA & AS: What are the condoms for?
Girls: So we won't get pregnant.
Abu Abed and Abu Steif agreed to wear condoms and had lots that day.

When the conference is over, they got back to Lebanon and the next day they discussed adventure in Ahwet li'jaz.

AA: Between you and me Abu Steif, I don't care if the two girls get pregnant!
Abu Steif replies: I don't care either
AA: I want take my condom off.
Abu Steif replies: Me too!

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