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Joke 739 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and His Mother In Law

Abu El Abed (AA) returned home from ahwet le'zeiz at around 5:00AM and went straight to the bedroom and found EA with the sheet pulled over her head asleep. AA crawled under the sheet and started fucking her. When he finished, he went to the kitchen for something to eat, he was startled to find EA preparing some food and tea.

AA: lak EA, keef sba'teeneh 3al matbakh? (How did you get to the kitchen so fast?)
EA: al'aneh ya AA wa ma 3am yejineh naoum, sar eleh shi sa3a haoun. (I couldn't sleep, I've been here for more then one hour.)
AA: ma hala' khallasnah lenyekeh be ghorfet ennaoum!! (We were just finished doing it in the bedroom!)
EA: yeeeeeeee 3alaieh, ya AA haideh emmeh (EEA) ejet beghaibtak men 3ashieh wa namet betakhteh. (That's my mother in the bedroom! She came over yesterday and I asked her to sleep in my bed).
EA and AA ran to the bedroom.
EA: emmeh, aneh ma msad'a enno sar hal sheh !! tayeb leih ma 7hkiteh sheh houeh wa AA 3am benikek? (Mother, I can't believe this happened. Why didn't you say something?)
EEA: hala' baddek yeneh e7hkeh ma3o hal akhou sharmouta? ma enteh 3arfeh enno sar eleh aktar men 3ashr sneen ze3l3neh ana wayeh wa ma baddeh e7hkeh ma3o?!! (I haven't spoken to that son of bitch for more then ten years and I wasn't about to start now!)

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