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Joke 735 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed is Upset

Abu El Abed (AA) was very upset. He walked into ahwet le'zeiz and shouted,

AA: wleh, kelkoun haoun 3ala shmeleh, bet mosso 'youra. Wa ento 3ala yamineh, kelkoun wled sharmoutah. (All of you on my left side are cock suckers and you all on the right side are sons of a bitch.)
Suddenly Abu Steif (AS) stood up.
AA: wain rayeh wleh? (Where are you going AS?)
AS: mesh rayeh la matrah ya AA, bas baddi rou7h 3ala mailet leshmel le'ana kenet a3ed 3ala elmaileh el ghalat. (I was sitting on the wrong side, I am moving to the left side).

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