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Joke 734 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed's Sex Problem

Abu El Abed (AA) was having trouble getting erection. He asked his friend Abu Steif (AS) for advice.

AS: rah 3almak 3ala tari'a, ana akeed enna ra7h tenja7h, le anno aneh mjarrebha. (I will tell you what to. It will work as have tried it myself).
AA: ideh bzennarak ya AS, shou hiyeh hal tari'a? (Please tell me what to do).
AS: men 3ashieh, bas tnem Em El Abed (EA), faouet osb3ak be otthe wa rja3 frok manakhirak wa shouf keef 3ala essari3 be'oum ma3ak. (Just dip your finger in EA's vagina and rub it all over your nose and then you will get a big erection).
That night, AA got into bed with EA. When she fell asleep, AA dipped his fingers in her vagina, felt that it was wet, he rubbed it all around his nose. He immediately got a big erection. AA woke EA and said,
AA: lak shoufeh ya EA, 'oumeh shoufeh shou sayer !!!!!! (Look at THIS!!!)
EA rolled over, turned on the light and said,
EA: hala' wa3aitneh be hal lail ta tfarjineh enno 3am yenzal dam men manakhirak? (You woke me up in the middle of the night to show me that your nose is bleeding?)

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