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Joke 730 Abu El Abed

At the Zoo

Abu El Abed (AA) took Em El Abed (EA) to the zoo. First they went to a cage that contains a monkey and there is a sign on the cage saying: (This monkey is able to fuck 50 times per year).

EA: khamseen marra bel seneh! Law btet3alam men hal se3dena
They proceed to the next cage that contains a Zebra and his sign stated: (This Zebra is able to fuck 100 times per year).
EA: miyet marra bel seneh! Ye3neh aktar men tmen marrat bel shaher. Law btet3alam men hal hmar.
They proceeded to the next cage that contains a bull and his sign says: (This bull is able to fuck 365 times per year). EA mouth drops open and gives AA a push with her elbow and says
EA: 365 marra bel seneh!! Ye3ne kel yaoum marra. Wlak lazem tet3alam men hal taour. (365 times per year, that is once a day, you could really learn from this bull.)
AA: khalsineh ba'a, masheh ta nrouh nes'al mudir lejneineh iza hal taour benik 365 marra bel seneh zat el ba'ra. (Let us ask the keeper if the bull fucks 365 times the same cow).

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