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Joke 720 Abu El Abed


Abu Steif (AS) was on his death bed with his partner Abu El Abed (AA) by his bedside.

AS: ya AA aneh lazem 'e3tereflak enno sar eleh 30 seneh bnem ma3 martak Em El Abed wa aneh abouha el 7ha'ieh la Awatef, wa lazem 'e3tereflak kamen ya AA enneh sar eleh shi 10 sneen besro' men sandou' el sherkeh. (I've got to confess. I've been sleeping with your wife for 30 years and I'm the father of your daughter, Awatef. I have also been stealing from the firm for a decade.)
AA: Basitah ya AS, rteh ma byeswa te7hkeh kteer. Aneh yalleh hataitollak el sam be fenjan el shay yalleh shrebtoh halle'. (Relax, and don't talk too much, it is not good for you. I'm the one who put poison in your tea).

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