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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu El Abed's Mother

Abu El Abed's Mother

AA took a nice lady for a ride in his car. On the way the lady started saying:

Lady: Do you know that the A.U.B belongs to my father.

Lady: Do you know that the Raoufi rock belongs to my uncle.

Lady: Do you know that this bank belongs to my aunt.

Lady: Do you Know.... belongs to my ... .

So AA became angry hearing those big lies, so he said:
AA: Do you know that the St. George Beach belongs to my mother.
Lady: No, it does not, you are a liar.
AA: OK, You'll now see.
So when they reached the St. George Beach, there were big muscled guys sitting outside so AA open the door, and without letting the lady see him, he gave the guys his middle finger and said,
AA: Hey, guys, who is this for?
The Guys: YOUR MOTHER !!!!!

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