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Joke 716 Abu El Abed

Victim's Name

At night, when everybody was sleeping, an intruder entered AA's house. The intruder put a knife to the neck of 3awatef and said...

Intruder: shou esmek? Aneh bheb 'a3ref asameh alda7haya abel ma' attelhon. (What is your name? I like to know the names of my victims before I kill them)
3awatef: esmeh 3awatef. (My name is 3awatef)
Intruder: esmek bizakerneh be esem emmeh, 3ala shan hayk ma ra7h bedba7hek. (You remind me of my mother who was also called 3awatef, so I won't kill you)
The intruder then turned to AA
Intruder: shou esmak wleh? (What is your name?)
AA: esmeh AA wa as7habeh be 3aitouleh 3awatef. (My name's AA, but my friends call me 3awatef)

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