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Joke 713 Abu El Abed

Expensive Cow

Abu El Abed (AA) and Em El Abed (EA) went to a farm to buy a cow. While EA was sitting in the car, AA went to the farmer and asked him about the price of a cow...

Farmer: it is for 10000$.
AA: ma3'oul hal 7hakeh, fi shi ba'rah behaddeneh 7ha'a 10000$? (There's no cow in the world worth 10000$)
The farmer lifts the cow's tail, and AA saw that the cow has a snatch just like a woman. AA couldn't hide his excitement...
AA: eh be 7hayeteh manneh shayef ott helo behal shakl.
Farmer: shou shefet ya AA? Bteswa 10000$ am la'? (What do you think? Is it worth it or not?)
AA gets back to his car, turns to EA, and says,
AA: ma ma3'oul hal sheh, akhoul sharmouta 3endo ba'ra elha ott mara bteswa 10000$ w ana 3endeh mara 3enda ot ba'ra btesoua kherieh.(It's not fair, this son of bitch has a cow with a snatch like a woman, and it's worth 10000$, and I have you, with a snatch like a cow, and you're not worth nothing.)

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