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Joke 688 Abu El Abed

In The Bedroom

Awatef said to her mother Em El Abed (EA)...

Awatef: emmeh, mbereh sheftik inteh wa abeh be ghorfet el nawm. (I saw you and daddy in the bedroom)
EA: Laykeh ya benteh, enteh ya habibteh soroteh sabieh wa btefhameh, wa lazem ta3rfeh enno haik bejibo wled. (You should know that this is how we get babies.)
Awatef: bass ane shefet enno abeh ken dehsh ayro betemmek. (But you had daddy's penis in your mouth.)
EA: aaaaaaaaah, haik ya habibteh bejibo fsateen helweh wa dehab.(Ah!! That's how you get beautiful dresses and jewellery)

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