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Joke 682 Abu El Abed

Al 3asafeer

During a show of conversation, EA, ES and EM (Em Mustafa)...

EM: AM akhedneh shamiet hawa 3ala Franca. (AM is taking me to France).
ES: AS baddo yeshtrileh Mercedes 600. (AS is buying me a Mercedes 600).
EA: Besaraha, AA ma ma3o masareh kteer bas be'der 'oul shaghleh wehdeh enno lamma AA be'oum ma3o, byou'af 3ala ayro 13 aasfour beleze' ba3don. (Frankly speaking, we don't have much money. All I can say is that thirteen canaries can stand close to each other on AA's erected penis).
After this, EM looks shamefaced and said...
EM: kenet 3am jareb shouf heleh 3alaikon, besaraha AM ekhedneh 3ala eldai3a la3ened ahleh mesh 3a Franca. (I was just trying to show off, actually, we are not going to France, we're goingto my parents house in the village).
ES: ana mesthieh menkoun, besaraha AS baddo yeshtrileh Volkswagon mesh Mercedes. (I am ashamed of myself, actually It's not a Mercedes, AS is buying me a Volkswagen).
EA: Ana kamen 3endi shi baddi 'oulo 3an le3asafeer yelleh byou'afo 3ala ayr AA, belha'ia el 3asfoor ra'em 13 byou'af wa ejroh el tenieh barra.(I also have a confession to make, canary number thirteen stands on one leg).

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