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Joke 681 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed's New Shoes

Abu El Abed (AA) bought a new snakeskin pair of shoes. When he came home late that evening, Em El Abed (EA) was in the bathroom getting ready to go to bed. AA quickly strips down naked except for his new snakeskin shoes and waits in the bedroom to wait for EA.

When EA came out of the bathroom, AA asked her,

AA: mesh mlahzah enno fieh shi mghaiyar? (Did you notice anything new?)
EA: eh, mlahzah enno mesh 3am be'oum ma3ak
AA: gholtane ya EA el 'ossa mesh heik, el'ossa enno ayreh mo3jab bel sobbat lejdeed.(It's not limp. My penis is admiring my new shoes).
EA: eh teneh marra eshtereh shi tarboush. (Next time buy a hat)

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