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Joke 675 Abu El Abed


Abu El Abed (AA), Abu Steif (AS) and Abu Mounir (AM) are at school lemahou al oummieh The teacher (T) says to AM...

T: 3 x 3 adday bya3mlo ya AM? (What is three times three?)
AM: 274
The teacher says to AS, T: hale' dawrak ya AS, adday bya3mlo 3 x 3?
AS: 3 x 3 ?!!!! bya3mlo Ettaleteh (Tuesday).
The teacher says to AA, T: Dawrak ya AA adday bya3mlo 3 x 3?
AA: Walaw ya istez, badda sou'al, 3 x 3 bya3mlo tes3a (Nine).
T: 3azeem ya AA, keef hasabtoun? (How did you get that?)
AA: Basita, tarahet 274 men ettaleteh (Simple, I subtracted 274 from Tuesday.)

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