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Joke 667 Abu El Abed

Crizet Aleb

Abu El Abed (AA) got home early and heard strange noises coming from the bedroom. He opened the door only to find Em El Abed (EA) naked on the bed, sweating and panting. .

AA: Shou eshbek ya EA?(What's wrong?)
EA: Criset aleb ya AA, dakhilak ettisil bel dactor. (I'm having a heart attack, please call the doctor)
  AA rushes outside the bedroom, grab the phone, but just as he's dialling, Abed excitedly shouts, Abed: Abeh ya abeh, 3ammeh Abo Steif metkhaba bel khzaneh wa bil zolot (Uncle AS is hiding in the closet and he's naked). AA slams the phone down and storms into the bedroom, pass his screaming EA, and opens the closet door. Sure enough, he finds AS naked in the corner.
AA: Ya akhou sharmoutah, EA 3emleh crizet aleb wa inta 3am terkod bel beit belzolot, fazza3et el wlad (EA is having a heart attack and you're running around with no clothes on scaring the kids)

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