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Joke 664 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed the Womaniser

Abu El Abed (AA) bi awal tali3to, ma kan ykhalli wala wihdi bil hay min sharro. (When Abu El-Abed (AA) was a young man, he had sex with lots of women in his neighbourhood). Wassal la nhar ma 3ad ayro ylabbi (It got to a point when one day AA's dick could not perform properly). AA 3itil ham yintizi3 sito, fa rah 3indil hakim bizatil nhar (AA got worried about his reputation, so he went to see the doctor the same day).

El hakim 3ata AA Viagra w 'allo bass tousal 3al beyt, khod habit Viagra, w ghattis ayrak bi kibayit halib la 15 da'i'a (The doctor prescribed Viagra to AA and asked him to go home, take one tablet and immediately dip his dick in a glass of milk for 15 minutes).

AA 3imil mitl ma 'allo il hakim (AA did exactly what the doctor said). Kan fi mara 3am titna'waz mnil shibbak, wshafit AA hatit ayro bi kibbayit halib (there was a lady peeking through AA's window, and she saw him dipping his dick in a glass of milk). Rakadit hal mara tkhabbir 'l niswan: Intibho, intibho, AA 3am bi 3abbi ayro wjayilna (the Lady ran telling the other women: Ladies, be aware, be aware! AA is filling up his dick and is coming after us)

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