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Joke 659 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and the Big Black Man

Abu El Abed (AA) went into the toilet in ahwet le'zeiz. As he was pissing, a big black man was pissing next to him. AA glances at his penis and was astonished to find that the black man had a bigger one. AA asked the big black man (BBM)...

AA: What do I have to do to have a penis like yours?(Shou lazem 'a3mel hatta yseer ayreh metel ayrak?)
BBM: Get a big hammer and start hammering it, than it will be like that.
  After one week AA met the BBM in ahwet le'zeiz,
BBM: Shou ya AA, tammeneh, shou sar ma3ak, zabatet el wasfeh?(Did it work?)
AA: Ma bekzoub 3alaik, el toul ma zabat bass zabat el loun.

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