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Joke 657 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Runs a Cabaret

Abu El Abed (AA) hired a girl for a strip teez show in his cabaret. During the show, the crowd was extremely excited whenever she dropped a piece on to the floor (safeer wa taseef ). When she reached to her panty(kalssoun), the crowd was very quite...

The girl got upset and run off the stage.

AA: shou beek lesh zalaneh (why are you upset)
Girl: keif 3am tis alni shou beek wa anta shefet kel ma be'la3 sha'feh ha alnas betjeen, wa hala' kelhum khersou. (how you want me not to be angry. Whenever I took of a piece, the crowd wascrazy and at the end they were quite). shou keno hal mahrous ma 3ajabhoum (maybe they didnt like mu pussy.)
AA: wallek la'a ya habla. keef badeek yahon e za'fou bi eed wa7hdeh (how do you want them to clap with one hand)

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