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Joke 652 Abu El Abed

Good Places To Eat

Abu El Abed (AA) and Abu Steif (AS) were talking about good places to eat.

AA :ba3ref mat3am bejannen (I know a wonderful place for lunch). Awal ma tfoot ya AS ta tedghadda betla'eh, kelhom bisallmoh 3alaik, wa betla'eh kebbayet elbeera hodret 3ala taweltak ma3 el mezeh, wa kello 3ala hesabhom.
AS: Ma ma3'oul !!!!(Unbelievable)
AA: 3endhom mousi'a, btor'oslak shwayeh wa bterja3 betrouh lawara el matbakh, fi ghorfeh bta3mel sex wa btemboset 3al akher.(They have music and you can dance a bit and then go into a back room to have wonderful sex).
AS: Ma ma3'oul !!!!
AA: Sme3 hatta kamellak.(Listen, I did not finish yet) Lamma baddak tfell, byejeh saheb elmat3am wa bya3teek 100$ wa bye3zmak ta tejeh dayman. (As you leave, the owner gives you 100$ and invites you to come back anytime.)
AS: Ma3'oul???!!! Inta rohet shi marra ya AA 3ala hal mat3am?(Have you ever been there?)
AA:Baddak lelmazbout, ani wala marra rohet bas kel yaoum betrouh Em El Abed (Actually, I have never been there. But EA goes there daily.)

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