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Joke 651 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Looking for a Job

AA was looking for a job. Since his brother in law (BIN) was a man with a lot of connections, he asked him for help. Two days later, AA's BIN found him a job as a seller in a Boutique. AA's boss liked him so much that he offered him a suit. A week later, a client came and wanted a suit just like AA's. Unfortunately AA's was the last in the store. So the boss decided to take away AA's suit and give it to the client. AA got upset and left the job, he asked his BIN to find him another one and a show seller it was.Unfortunately the same thing happened again, and AA went to his BIN to ask him for another job. This time the job was a cashier at a grocery store. Two weeks later, AA's boss saw him running out from the grocery store. Thinking that he might have stolen something, he decided to follow him. After a long chase, the boss found AA hiding in the WC. He asked him why he ran away, AA said. AA : There's a lady who wants a dozen eggs and there are only 10 eggs left in the store.

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