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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu El Abed as Abu Hawwa

Abu El Abed as Abu Hawwa

AA's wife is in her 9TH month of pregnancy ! So AA took her to the hospital. Then after 3 hours of waiting the doctor came out and told AA: "Sorry sir but your wife brought nothing!! only air came out and nothing else!"

When AA returned to town, people started calling him ABU HAWWA (because his wife brought air). Abul 3abed then got mad and killed everyone who named him Abu Hawwa. So the town's Priest came and told AA : "Why are you killing these people ?? Abu hawwa is only a nickname, as there is abu beit, abu samak, abu.... , so stop killing people !! "

Abul 3abed agreed.

But 5 minutes later, the priest heared 3 shots and went to see that AA killed 3 guys. So he told AA: "Why did you do that, didn't we agree that you will stop killing people !." to which AA answered: "Yes, we agreed that ABU HAWWA is a nickname, they have asked me to come out and PUMP THEIR CAR'S TIRES !!!!

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