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Joke 649 Abu El Abed

Poor Abed

Abed comes to school one morning all beaten up, his face all blue, and swollen. The teacher asked him:

Teacher: "What happened to you poor Abed?"
Abed: "Our house is very small so I have to sleep with my parents. Yesterday night, after turning off the lights, my mom said: 'Chou?' and my dad replied: 'Chou?' so I also replied 'Chou' and my parents beat me up!
The next day, Abed arrived at school also beaten up. Worried, the teacher asked him what has happened. Abed answers that the same thing happened. So the teacher thinks for a while and tells him not to answer 'Chou' tonight.
The day after, Abed arrives totally beaten up, even more than before. The teacher surprised asked him what happened?
Abed: "Well, when my mom said 'Chou?' and my dad replied 'Chou?', I stayed quite as you said. After 10 minutes my dad said 'Gité?' my mom replied 'Naam git' so I said : 'Wein kinto?' !!!

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