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Joke 647 Abu El Abed

Cheap Em El Abed

When Abu El Abed (AA) got married to Em El Abed (EA), he always had doubts whether she was a bitch or a good woman. Abu Steif (AS) met AA one day at ahwet le'zez, AA couldn't keep quiet and he told AS about his doubts.

AS: Basita ya AA, go home, and after you sleep with EA give her 10 LL, if she takes it, that means she is a bitch and if she doesn't, that means she is a good woman.
  AA was convinced that it was a good idea. He went home and did as he was told. Next day, he met AS...
AS: Shou ya AA, inshallah khair, tammenneh.
AA: Walla ya AS mani 3eref shou baddi khabrak, lamma 3ataita 10LL raddetli 5

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