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Joke 646 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed the Hunter

When Abu El Abed (AA) got married he wanted to impress Em El Abed (EA). He used to take his "Jifft Soupperposeh", go to the market, buy 4 or 5 Ducks, and come back home and say: "Shoufeh ya mara!". One day, he went "hunting"! as usual, but, he forgot to bring his "Jifft" with him!. He came back in the evening with 7 Ducks.

AA: Shoufeh ya mara! sabe3 battat!!
EA: Bala sabe3 battat, bala ballout! Haidal Jifft shou ken 3am ya3mel hon??!!!
AA: Yifda7 7areeshak ya Abu El Abed! kill ma awwess dareb, oul ya 3ammeh shou nesi ana bil beit?!!!

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