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Joke 639 Abu El Abed

The Morning Kiss

Abu Steif (AS) honked the horn in front of Abu El Abed's (AA) house who came running out. He got about halfway down when he heared the Em El Abed (EA). He turned around and there she is, scowling at him. AA ran back, spreads her bathrobe, kisses her pussy, runs back to the car of AS. They ride for few minutes then AS asks:

AS: Fi shaghleh ya AA ma fhemta (There is something I did not understand)
AA: Shou hiey ya AS? (What is it?)
AS: Laish beset EA bi ottha? (Why did you kiss EA in her pussy?)
AA: Inta shamem ya AS rihet nafasha men 3abokra (Did you smell her breath in the morning)

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