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Joke 620 Abu El Abed

Lucky Abu El Abed

Once Abu El Abed (AA) was at the Casino, he gambled all his money and lost everything, on the way out he found a dollar and decided to put it in the machines, he won $500. On the way out he bumps into Abu Steif (AS)...

AS: Hello Abu El Abed
AA: Don't call me Abu El Abed. Call me Lucky
AS Why is that?
AA explained what happened and they went away. 1 month later, AS bumps into AA again and says
AS: hello Lucky
AA: Don't call me lucky, call me Lucky Lucky
AS: Why is that?
AA: I was gambling and lost everything but $5.00 then I hit the Jackpot and won $10,000
AS: Ok Lucky Lucky.
2 Months later, AS bumps into AA and says hello Lucky Lucky.
AA: Don't call me Lucky Lucky, call me Lucky Lucky Lucky
AS: Why is that?
AA: Last night some one threw a brick through the window and hit Em El Abed between the legs.
AS: How is that Lucky?
AA: If they threw it 10 seconds earlier it would have hit me in the head.

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