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Abu El Abed Jokes - The Magical Eye Glasses

The Magical Eye Glasses

Abu El Abed was setting in Ahweit El Ejeiz when Abu Steif walks in wearing cool glasses

AA: Chou hal a3wanat El Halwein?
Abu Steif: Haydoul a3wanat bit chouk koul el naas bil zalet
AA asked if he could try them on. When he did, he really got excited about them and asked Abu Steif if he could borrow them.

As he was about to walk into his home, he decided to wear them. When Em El Abed opened the door, he saw her naked. Suddenly Abu Mustafa appears and he was also naked.

Abu El Abed decided to remove his glasses. To his surprise, he saw both Em El Abed and Abu Mustafa Naked

AA: Kiss ekhet hal a3wanat, halaa waatoun ma yishtighlou!!!!

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