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Joke 582 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and Em El Abed on a Nude Beach

Abu El Abed (AA) and Em El Abed (EA) decided their son Abed was now old enough to accompany them on one of their occasional trips to an all-nude beach. They carefully watched Abed reaction as they wandered the beach.

Puzzled, Abed finally asked his father

Abed: Abeh, What is the difference in the women's chest sizes.
AA: Shouf ya ebneh, the smaller chest ladies are poorer than the ladies with the larger chests. The larger her chest, the wealthier the lady.
Abed kept looking around, then turned to his mother and asked,
Abed: Emmeh, why some men's penis were longer than others.
EA: Hmmm, the short ones are the smart guys. The men with the largest ones are the dumbest.
Abed: Huh! Emmeh You better come quickly! Abeh is talking to one of the richest women I've ever seen and He's getting dumber by the minute!!!!

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