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Joke 570 Abu El Abed

Em El Abed on her Deathbed

Em El Abed (EA) was on her deathbed, with Abu El Abed (AA) at her side.  He held her cold hand and tears silently streamed down his face.  Her pale lips moved. she said:

EA: Ya Abu El Abed……
AA interrupted her: Hush, Ma tehki ya EA
But she insisted and said in her tired voice: Lazem 'oullak shi ya AA, lazem 'e3tereflak (I have to tell you something AA, I must confess)
AA: Ma fi shi ta te3terfe ya EA, kello mnih wala yhemmek.(There is nothing to confess about. It's all right. Everything's all right)
EA: La' lazem mout ani w mertaha ya AA. Ani kint khounak kteer
AA stroked her hand: Wala yhemmek ya EA, ani 3eref kil shi wa'ella laish baddi samimlek? (Don't be concerned.  I know all about it.Why else would I poison you?)

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