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Joke 568 Abu El Abed

Abed is Getting Married (2)

Abed (A) was getting married. He decided to see advise from his father Abu El Abed (AA)...

A: Ya bayyeh, ana ra7h etjawaz boukra wou ma ba3rif shou ba3mel (I'm getting married tomorrow and I don't know what to do)
AA: Rou7h jeeb Em El Abed (EA) la hawneh (Go and get your mom)
EA: Shou ya AA?
AA: Abed Baddoh yetjawaz boukra ma khasso bel Mawdou3. Fouteh wishlahi thyabek ta a3llem Abed shou ya3mel. Ya Abed rou7h jeeb sham3a
A: Haydeh el sham3a ya bayyeh
AA: Wa'ef a3l-Beb
AA arat EA wa ega la 3ind A
AA Boukrah heyk bta3mil
A wa marto be shaher al-3assal fee ghourfet el Hotel Ma3 7hammal (porter)
Be 'oum A be'oul lal 7hmmal: Haydeh $50, rou7h jeebli sham3a
Porter: Haydeh Sham3a
A: Wa'ef a3l-Beb.
Abed arat marto wrah lal 7hammal w akhad al shamaa w'alloh: Rou7h khod dawrak, ana mish bakhil metel bayyeh

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