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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu Abed Steeling Figs

Abu Abed Steeling Figs

AA was once in a farm picking figs off the trees when the owner of the farm saw him and shouted at him, what are you doing here. AA who had the figs hidden in his Sherwal started to run and the owner ran after him. As he was running the figs fell all over the place.

AA then got tired of running and he passed by a large piece of shit from a cow, so he sat over it and the owner approached him and said:

Farmer: what are you doing here?
AA: as you can see I am shitting
Farmer: why don't you stand up.
When AA did the farmer said
Farmer: but this is the shit of a cow
AA: howeh inta khalletna nshokh zay ill bashar

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