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Joke 559 Abu El Abed

First Time

When Abu El Abed (AA) was 16, we went to a whorehouse Bil ZAITOUNY. The manager told him...

Manager: You are too young to be in such place.
AA: Biddi nik, be7hayati manni nayek. Ba3mel li beddak eyyah
AA was insisting for a long time for the manager to get him in. The manger took AA outside and told him:
Manager: SHAIF GHABET HAL-SNOUBAR, eh  rouh nik kil shajra bil ghabe, bas tkhales, irja3a la indi we aneh bnaikak ahhla bint 3andi.
Two months later, AA showed up in the same BAR:
AA: Ana i3milit le oultelli eyyeh, nikit kil shajra bil ghabe, wen ajmal bint 3indak.
The manager had to keep his promise, so he called one of his girls and send her upstairs with AA. Few minutes later, he heard the girl screaming like crazy. He ran upstairs where he found AA holding a broom (mikinseh) and sticking it in the girl's pussy.
Manager: Shou 3aam t3amel ya akhou elmaniouke!!
AA: Eh 3amm shouf iza fi nahel !

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