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Joke 554 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Stuck on a Fan

Once Abu El Abed (AA), Abu Steif (AS) and Abu Omar (AO) were walking on the street when they saw a beautiful woman who invited them over to her house. After being in the house for some time, there was a knock on the door, so the men hid on the ceiling fan (marwaha). It was the woman's husband. He was very tired and wanted to cool off, so he turned the fan on and sat down. After a while AO fell down...

Husband: Who are you?
AO: Ana Abu Omar harban min Athab Allah.
AO opened the door and left. Then AS fell down
Husband: Who are you?
AS: Ana Abu Steif harban min Athab allah.
He opened the door and got out. Then AA fell down,
Husband: Who are you, wait don't tell me you're escaping from God too??
AA: La' ana Allah weynon? (No I'm god where did they go)

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