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Joke 553 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed the Taxi Driver & his Boy Passenger

Abu El Abed (AA) drives a Taxi for living. He once received a call from a lady to drive her son to school.

Lady: Please, be patient with the boy, and please ignore him and do not speak with him no matter what.
AA drives along with the boy sitting next to him.
Boy (speaking to himself):
  • I wish my Dad was a King and my Mom was a Queen, I would have been a Royal prince (Ibin Malik).
  • I wish my Dad was Rich and My Mom was Rich, I would have been Rich too (Ibin Aghneya).
  • I wish my Dad was Famous and my Mom was famous, I would have been famous too (Ibin mashaheer)
  AA got irritated with the boy complaining.
AA: What would you have become if your Father is a Sharmout and your Mom is sharmouta?
The Boy answered quickly: "A Taxi driver".

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