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Joke 552 Abu El Abed

Allah Bisalim 3alik

One day a good looking woman (GW) was walking down the street and she met Abu El Abed (AA), Abu Steif (AS) and Abu Ibrahim(AI), and she asked them to come to her house for some fun.

GW: Abu Ibrahim bas badi minak khidmih, jibli ma3ak mishwi, weinti ya AS jibli ma3ak knafih, we inti ya AA just come.
  All the guys went to her house at night and brought what she asked, and all of a sudden the bell rings and she hides all the guys in a closet (khazanih), with the stuff they brought too. The GW opens the door and her husband (H) is back from work early. So he walks in and sits on the couch.
AI is holding the farareej, AS is holding the knafih and AA are all stuck and waiting for the husband to leave.
H: Wallah ya marah jay 3ala balai farareej mishwiyih.
AI walks right out the closet
AI: Allah bisalim 3alik we bio'olak hadi ilfarareej ili badak iyyaha
The husband eats it and AI walks out the door
H: Ma ahla il kinafi hala'a ya mara ba3id hal aklih iltaybi
AS steps out of the closet
AS: Allah bisalim 3alik we bio'olak hadi ilknafih ili bithiba
The husband eats it and sits quietly on the coach. AA is waiting for him to say something so he can walk out like his buddies did. Bas il husband didn't want anything , so fa'asat ma3 AA and he decided to walk out of the closet
AA: Allah bisalim 3alik we bi'ilak iza ba3id badak shi?

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