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Joke 531 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Working in a Pharmacy (2)

Abu El Abed (AA) left ilbasta to work in the USA, he found a job in a pharmacy. The pharmacist taught him some famous names (panadol, aspirin, etc).

Ilmohim one day AA was alone in the pharmacy and a guy came and asked AA for condoms, AA stupidly stared at him and said "shou ya albi", another guy came in asking for condoms, and another one, and another one. The guys desperately in need of condoms whispered...

Guys: kil wa7ad tala3 taba3ou w 7atou 3ala iltawleh w 7at dollar 7adou.
AA fakar shway w ba3dein tala3 taba3ou w 7atou 3al tawleh w ash kil masary w aloun "Abu El Abed yiksab"

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