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Abu El Abed Jokes - Abu Abed joins a Nude Club

Abu Abed Joins a Nude Club

Abu Abed heard about a new nude club in town. He went to join. The receptionist told him: It is $50 a month and there are three rules. The first is you have to be naked..."

Anxious to go inside, AA interrupted her and said "Here are the $50; I will learn about the two other rules later."

As soon as AA got naked and went inside, AA saw a gorgeous young naked girl. The lady came to AA and asked him "You called me, didn't you?"

AA said "No, I just joined the club, I didn't call anybody."

The gorgeous young lady answered "You have an erection. According to the second rule of the club, when you see somebody and have an erection, it means you want to make love to that person."

Before AA answered, the beautiful lady was all over him and gave him the best "i'youn" ever.

Satisfied but exhausted, AA went to the Sauna after finishing the i'youn. There, a 120 kg extremely muscular athlete asked him "You asked for me?"

AA answered "No, I just got into the Sauna, I didn't ask for anybody."

The athletic muscular man told him "Well, according to the third rule of the club, if you fart, it means you want to have sex. And you just farted."

Before AA could answer, the athletic man had "sored a i'youn" with AA.

AA went to the receptionist and told her "Keep the $50, here is my membership card, I am resigning from the club.."

The receptionist said "But Monsieur AA, we can clarify any misunderstanding. Tell us how can we help you?"

AA answered "You can't help me. I am 45; I have one erection every month, but fart 40 times a day.."

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