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Joke 527 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Stranded on an Island

Abu El Abed (AA), Abu Steif (AS) and Abu El Zakararia (AZ) were on a boat when it suddenly their boat sank. They swam to a nearby island. After 25 years on the island, they found Al Fanous El Sehry. They rubbed it and a big genie appeared...

Genie: Choubek lbek ana bein idai. What are your wishes. Every one has a wish.
AS: Take me to my family.I missed them allot.
The genie did.
AZ: I miss the downtown and El Chabeb in ahwet el Ejeiz.So take me there.
The genie did.
Finally AA said: Wain rahou ikhwat el sharmouta & they left me alone here. Please bring them back for me.

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