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Joke 524 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed & Abu Steif go to Germany

Abu El Abed (AA) and his friend Abu Steif (AS) went to Germany on holiday. After a long night of drinking, they left the bar only to find a group of people competing who can write the longest sentence with their piss. One guy goes "Germany is", another one goes "Germany is a". AA quickly intervened....

AA: zihou zihou ya chabeb. Khallineh warjikom (move it guys, let me show you). Ya AS, ta3 emsikli 'ayri wiktab fiyou (AS come an hold my penis and write with it).
  AS started writing "Germany is a great country and has allot of culture. The people are very nice and friendly. I would like to remain here as much as I can......"

The guys started applauding....

Guys: That's great, you broke the record. Can you tell us why you told AS to hold your penis and write this message?
AA: la'nni ommi (that's because I'm illiterate)

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