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Joke 523 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed During the War

One day, during the war, el kasef (shelling) was getting very close to El Basta. Abu El Abed (AA) yelled.

AA: Ya Em El Abed, yalla 3ala el malja' (EA, let's go to the shelter)
EA: Give me five minutes.
AA: Ya EA, el kasef 3am bye'wa, 3ajli ya mara (hurry up, the shelling is intensifying)
  EA did not respond. After a few minutes, AA yells again.
AA: Chou 3am ti3amli ya mara (what are you going)
EA: 3am bajib el wajbeh (I'm getting my false teeth)
AA: Chou 3am byou'sfou orchalleh!!! (There shelling us with biscuits?)

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