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Joke 519 Abu El Abed

Abed Playing Tricks on the Neighbour

Abu El Abed (AA) had a very Stingy neighbour (bakheel). AA's son Abed always used to play tricks on him. One day he drew a Thousand dollar bill on the bottom of the stairs of the neighbour's house.  When the neighbour came out, he saw the $1000 bill on the ground, thenjumped on it and broke his little finger.

The neighbour was really pissed off so he went to AA to complain. When he got to AA's house, Em El Abed opened the door and told him that AA is in the hospital . The neighbour went to the hospital only to find AA on his death bed.  AA looked at the neighbour and told him:

AA: how nice of you to visit
  The neighbour Complained to AA about ABED's behaviour
AA: "Ya jar, leish fikrak ani honi.... akho el maniouki rasamli kiss bi fishit el Kahraba!!!!"

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