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Joke 511 Abu El Abed

Abu Steif Visits the US

Abu Steif (AS) wanted to go to the US. Since he doesn't know a word of English, he consults with his best friend Abu El Abed (AA).

Abu Steif: "Dakheelak ya Abu El Abed, teach me a few words so that at least I can order something to eat.
Abu El Abed : " Ma fiha shay, Hamburger!"
Abu Steif : "Shoo Hayde Hamburger?"
  Abu El Abed explains what a Hamburger is and Abu Steif went to the US. He spent the first week eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After one week he couldn't take it anymore, he telephoned Abu El Abed and asked him:
AS: "Dakheelak ya Abu El Abed, tell me a word other than Hamburger. My stomach is like a concrete wall"
AA: "Baseeta, Milk!"
AS: "Shoo hayde Milk?"
AA: "Walaw, Haleeb!"
  The next day, Abu Steif went to for breakfast and told the waiter: "Milk"
Waiter: "Do you want it with sugar or without sugar?"
AS: "Kiss ikhtak ya Abu El Abed, Hat Hamburger!"

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