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Joke 510 Abu El Abed

Em El Abed Talking to Abed

One day Em El Abed (EA) and her son Abed were at home when Abed asked his mother...

Abed: Who got this TV?
EA: Our dear neighbour Abu Steif (AS) bought it for us
Abed: hmm..ok...where is this carpet from
EA: our neighbour AS brought it for us
Abed: Who bought this chair?
EA: our  neighbour AS bought it too
Abed: kilshi jarna AS jabo...leesh baba ma kan yjeeb shi (AS brought everything, why didn't dad get anything?)
EA: Walak law biddi erkin a3la abook kan enta ma jeet (If I was going to rely on your father, you weren't have been borne)

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