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Joke 505 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and Em El Abed Getting a Divorce

Abu El Abed (AA) and Em El Abed (EA) were very very old. They went to the judge to have a divorce (kadi el talak). The judge was very astonished to see an old couple coming to his office.

Judge: Chou jayin taamlo hawn ? (What are you here for)
AA & EA: Jayin la n'tallek !
Judge: Leich batkoun talko ?
AA: el hayet ma b'tentak ma' hal mara (life is insupportable with this woman)
EA: ma ba' fini yich mao (I cannot live with him anymore)
Judge: addeich amroukon (How old are you ?)
AA : 107 sinin
EA : 104...
Judge: w'adde sarlokon m'jawzin (How many years have you been married for ?)
AA & EA: 88 sene (88 years)
Judge: why did you wait until now to divorce ?
AA & EA: natarna la ymouto loueled ! (we waited until our children died!)

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