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Joke 504 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and Em El Abed on the Balcony

Abu El Abed (AA) w Em El Abed (EA) kano a3din 3ala 'l balcon. Faj'atan 'amit EA darabit AA w wa'a3ito 3an 'l kirsi. (AA and EA were sitting on the balcony when all of a sudden EA gets up and walks over to her husband and hits him so hard he falls out of his chair)

AA: "Laysh 3am todrbini?" ("What the hell did you do that for?")
EA: "Hayda li'anno ilak 10 snin, wma btobsotni bil farshi" ("That's for giving me 10 years of bad sex")
  Ba3d shway, 'am AA darab EA w wa'a3ha 3an 'l kirsi. (A few minutes later AA gets up and walks over to EA and hits her so hard she falls out of her chair)
EA: "Laysh 3am todrobni?" ("What was that for?")
AA:  "Hayda li'anno btaarfi 'lfar'" ("That's for knowing the difference")

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