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Joke 493 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Got Lost in the Woods

One day Abu El Abed (AA) was walking in the woods with Em El Abed (EA) when it started to rain.  They got lost and couldn't find their way back.  Then, out of nowhere, AA gets a monster hard on.  He throws EA on the ground. Then he ripped off her clothes, and started to screw her.

AA couldn't see what he was doing so he said to EA...

AA: "Is it in you or the mud?"
EA: "It's in the mud."
AA: "Put it in you"
  So EA reaches around and finally gets it in her
AA: "Is it in you now, or still in the mud?"
EA said, "It's in me!"
AA replied, "Put it back in the mud."

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