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Joke 483 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed at a Bar

Abu El Abed (AA) goes to a bar and orders a glass of beer. He looks at the bartender (BT) and says:

AA: Do you wanna bet that I can piss in this glass without dripping on the bar or the floor.
BT: Sure.  I'll bet you 300 dollars.
  AA stood  back and took out his big dick and began pissing; he's pissing on the bar, on the floor, even on the bartender himself, except in the glass.  The bartender starts laughing because he won $300.  AA starts laughing too.
BT:  Why are you laughing?  You just lost $300.
AA: You see these guys over there
BT:  Aywa?.
AA:  I bet them 500 dollars that I can piss on your bar and on your face and you will keep on laughing.

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