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Joke 480 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed and the Camel (2)

Abu El Abed (AA) was wandering in the desert one day, when he had the urge to have sex. He looked around and all that was available was a camel. So he tried to have sex with the camel, but the camel ran away. He tried once more, but the camel kept on running away. As he was about to try for a third time, he saw a beautiful girl laying in the sand. 

Girl: Do you have water? I will do ANYTHING for water!!
AA: Of course  [he gives her a bottle of water]
Girl: Thanks... So what do want in return?
AA: Well, I really want to have sex.
Girl: Sure. [Girl gets naked]
AA: Ok, can you hold the camel for me?

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