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Joke 477 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Returns from London

Abu El Abed (AA) raah howwe Em El Abed (EA) Ala London. Lamman rij'aou ala libnein, sa'alou la Abul Abed: shou akhbaar El-ba'ara El Majnouneh ? Abul Abed jeiwab: Walla Kteer inbastit w'ka'an badda tdal hounik. (Em El Abed !!!)

In English for those who did not get it:

Abul Abed went with Em El Abed to London. When they returned to Lebanon, his friends asked him: What about the Mad Cow ? Abul El Abed replied: she really enjoyed it there and wanted to stay  (Em El Abed !!!)

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