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Joke 476 Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed Condemned to Death

Abu El Abed (AA) was condemned to death. They gave him a choice: they would pardon him if he fulfils two conditions. First, he has to enter a cage where there is a hungry lion, he then has to pull a tooth from the lion's mouth. Second, he has to go into a room where there is a 70 years old prostitute, have sex with her, and make her have an orgasm.

AA accepted the challenge. They brought him into a big place where there was a lot of people. The cage was in the middle where the lion roaring. AA entered the cage. For an hour nobody saw anything. The cage was shaking and moving with a lot of screaming and roaring. The crowd was anxious to find out what had happened. Finally AA went out, his chin all the way up, his chest inflated (nafekh sodro). He went on the top of the cage, hit his chest with his hands like Tarzan and said: Wayniyeh illi baddi i'ba3lha dersa? (where is the person whom I should pull a tooth?).

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